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Plein Air Paintings

Some time ago I decided to treat my plein air pieces separately from the other collections as it is my belief that they represent a truly unique form of art that is in many ways vastly different from works done in the studio. Not only do they represent a artist's unique snapshot vision of a moment in time, but there is also the adventure of traveling to the location and well as adapting to the elements. Changes in light, weather, bugs in the summer and snow in the winter can all play a part in contributing to the creation of a piece. When working on location you tend to observe color and light differently then working in the studio. One has to focus on simplifying what they see so as to not become over whelmed.  In the studio everything I need is at arms length.  In the field you may only have a few tubes of paint, four brushes and a canvas. You are forced to adapt and make one brush perform the task of five. This type of experience becomes an opportunity for the artist to grow and discover new ways of seeing the ones surroundings and expressing it in new ways. In my years of painting had the fortune of meeting people that collect exclusively plein air pieces, as well as those who have asked me exactly where I was when I painted a piece so that they could go to that location themselves. The pieces that I have put in this section represent plein air painting in its true spirit. Good things come in small packages, and great paintings can come in small frames.

Click here to view my plein air collection.

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